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Assignment Brief Scenario

The Gamma technology Ltd is a mid-size networking company specialising in networking products for a niche market. Until now the company has relied heavily on stand-alone PCs and individual dial-up access to the Internet for their work. -This year%2C the company won a lucrative contract and have decided to upgrade their network system. The managing director has decided to rebuild the computer network into their premises. After installation%2C it is envisaged that the company will employ at least 10 new staff in various positions throughout the company. The finance manager has limited budget for this upgrade due to the credit crunch. -You have obtained a `Class C` IP for the company. It will require being sub netted to allow for the functions of different departments. They have two buildings with a passage in be-tween. You must connect these buildings with a bandwidth no less than 8 Mbps. -The company may be characterised by its departments. The names and functions of these departments are as follows

IT Support -There are 3 support technicians in the company. All of them use separate rooms for their work. They use high power workstations for their work. They require two large servers for their department`s data storage and applications.

IT Managers The managers occupy 2 rooms. They would like to have powerful PCs so that they can view their MIS. They would also like the ability to take part in videoconferencing. They have stated that much of the information they will be using is to remain confidential.

Finance -This department takes care of the company`s money. They use one room. As this department deals with large sums of money%2C the communications for this department must be secure and not reach any of the rest of the network. They require one large server for applications and data. There is currently two staff.

Ordering and Delivery -This department is in one room and is responsible for shipping the manufactured items to their purchasers. There are two staffs here and their work will mainly involve addressing parcels and contacting customers by email. The company will require a web server Your ISP has given you a `Class C` IP address for your company. `Class C` IP will require to be sub netted to allow for the functions of different departments. You need to provide best possible solutions to create a reliable and efficient LAN infrastructure for the company in a simulated environment before physically implement the network using all required protocols. You should be providing snapshot of this simulation on your report.

-Tasks%3A-Task 1%3A Analysing LAN

1.1%09As part of your report%2C critically discuss and evaluate different LAN technologies.- 1.2 Critically analyse traffic intensive services and their performance- 1.3 Discuss LAN concerns and make recommendations to sustain network security%2C reliabi
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Network Infrastructure Question asked by Daisy

This question looks like it may be a question that comes at the end of a course. Any answer quoted here would be unlikely to be sufficient, since we don`t really know what the examiner is expecting. You would need to provide diagrams as well as documentation. I will say this, as having been in IT infrastructure for many years. If you followed the advice given, I would sack you :). Because the truth is, you would never set this up to have a single public facing network. The single class C public IP address doesn`t need subnetting, because only one the public facing router in the DMZ needs it. If you don`t think this is true, you are sacked. :)
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Assume class C address is

The last octet is the subnetted element

Address confidentiality at corporate level so use vlans to isolate subnets

IT Support – 5 devices allow good number of growth IPs

Vlan 110 – subnet /27

30 usable IPs

IT managers – unknown users so allow a good number for growth

Vlan 120 – subnet /27

30 usable IPs

Video conferencing is a requirement use Gigabit Ethernet

Finance – 3 devices, reasonable growth could be 6 IPs but /24 has plenty of capacity so allow 14 IPs.

Vlan 130 – subnet /28

14 usable IPs

Ordering and Delivery – 2 devices, growth of 6 IPs

Vlan 140 – subnet /29

6 IPs are

Web server 1 device, web presence is growing exponentially, so jump straight to 6 IPs

Vlan 150 – subnet /29

6 IPs are

Interbuilding Link via wireless link

Create Vlan 160 – subnet /30

2 IPs

Gateway devices at the end allocate backwards from
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