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What was the name of Genghis Khan Horse ?

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6 years ago

History Question asked by Michel

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8 Answers

Answered by [Deleted Member]
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Genghis Khan had many horses, to which their names aren`t recorded. However, the breed of horse he rode would have been a Mongolian Horse.
Answered by [Deleted Member]
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I would say that this is a trick question. He would have had more than one horse in his lifetime.

Genghis Khan would have had 2 or 3 horses at the least, as the Przewalski`s horse or Takhi horses that they would have used have a relatively short lifespan at around 20-25 years.
Answered by Timothy | 6 years ago
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Apparently, he had two horses, not just one, and there is an ancient Mongol epic about this. More interestingly, there is a 2009 film telling the story called the Two Horses of Genghis Khan. I am sure if you rent or buy and watch this film you will find out the name of the horses! Me telling you is just too easy!
Answered by Peter | 6 years ago
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I think he could afford a whole stable full
Answered by Toby | 6 years ago
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Jebe (died 1225) was one of the prominent Noyans (generals) of Genghis Khan.
Answered by Philip | 6 years ago
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Hi, Genghis Khan didn`t own one specific horse, he always changed his horses so he always has a fresh horse to ride on but he always rode mongol horses (breed of horse)
Answered by [Deleted Member]
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You ask a very interesting question. I am a student of the "Great Khan", Mongol and Kazakh ways of life. I can find no record of Mongols naming horses, though that doesnt say they didnt. Warriors traditionally had 3 horse on campaign for travelling and fighting purposes. Logistics train kept herds as replacements, food and for milking. It may be that horses were not given names.
Today Kazakhs do name horses, but I cannot find any reference to the names of ancient warriors horses.
Sorry not a useful answer.
Answered by Simon | 6 years ago
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