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Hi my daughter is working on a s level art which needs to be completed by end of september( work being marked late due to not having a art teacher due to illness) and she has a theme of old and young she has been asked to research 3 artists do they have to be relating to the theme old and young? That is do they need to be artists who have painted or drawn old and young people?, her art book she has done is comparing old people to young and drawing, painting them etc, alo there is a question on her self assessment that says to do a selection of images related to your theme include 6 key words? What might these be? Xxx
I would be very grateful for anyone`s advice on this thankyou in advance xxx
7 years ago

Drawing Question asked by Caroline

Hopefully you have found the answer by now...? It sounds like you were on the right track...do write back if you need help.
19/02/2017 10:31:51 | comment by Ruth
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Hi there. If it was me I would focus on Artist that draw young, old and a mixture of the two. This could include artist that paint animal wild life too. Drawing young and old is a technique and style of drawing or painting. For the key words I would do words that describe old and young, like rough, smooth and wise, I would advise to draw these key words in a six grid picture made of six images. Hope that helps or you found the right answer
Answered by [Deleted Member]
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