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I would like to find data from the electrolysis of dilute copper sulphate with products and percentages.

7 years ago

Chemistry Question asked by Jayne

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1 Answer

You will require this equation and also percentage of which product you require.
Cu2+(aq) + 2e- ==> Cu(s) and 4OH-(aq) - 4e- ==> 2H2O(l) + O2(g
From the equation we know

* It takes a transfer of 2 moles of electrons to form 1 mole of solid copper (63.5g) from 1 mole of copper(II) ions, Cu2+

* and a transfer of 4 moles of electrons to form 1 mole of oxygen from 4 moles of hydroxide, OH- ions.

You need to know the atomic weight elements .Cu=63.5O

You also need to know basic fact of electrolysis.Mole fact
*(+) anode and (-) cathode electrode product ratio
If you know how much of a substance is made at one electrode, you can theoretically calculate the amount of substance formed at the other electrode.
Using basic math to find percentage you can work out your

Answered by Zeba | 7 years ago
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