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how many minimum meiotic cell divisions are require to produce 600 wheat seeds?
7 years ago

Biology Question asked by Surendar

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3 Answers

150. Each diploid cell in gonadas (sex organs - in human ovaries and testes) divides twice to produce 4 haploid cells during meiosis.
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150 divisions. Meiosis produces a total of 4 cells from 1 original cell by using 2 division stages. 2 cells are produced and then another 2 are produced, producing a total of 4 per division. So you divide 600 by 4 and get 150.
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750. Meiotic divisions are responsible for gamete formation. For wheat or any other flowering plant it is necessary to have a pollen ( 4 after one meiotic division) and an egg cell ( usually one after one meiotic division) to produce a single seed. To produce a single wheat grain there should be 100 meiotic divisions to produce hundred egg cells. And 25 divisions to produce 100 pollen grains. So total 750 meiotic divisions are required to produce 100 wheat grains.
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