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How to create bill of quantity out of Dim Sheet .
8 years ago

Accounting Question asked by Haya

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1 Answer

The quantity surveying profession has been on-going for many years: The earliest quantity surveying practice on record is a Reading firm, (Henry Cooper and Sons), which was operating in 1785 (Seeley & Winfield, 1999). Predominantly, quantity surveyors deal with the costs and contracts of a construction project.

There are around 75,000 professional quantity surveyors working in the UK alone (RICS, 2010). The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) was set up in 1881, and is an independent professional body which regulates property professionals and surveyors in the UK and worldwide. The RICS provide education and training standards to all members and protects consumers with strict codes of practice. The motto of the RICS is “Est modus in rebus” (which translates into English as: “There is measure in all things”). The RICS is represented in over 146 countries and has more than 159,000 members. The Bill of Quantities is a document which is used for the tendering process in a construction project, in which materials, parts, and labour are itemized. It also details the terms and conditions of the construction contract and itemises all the work for a sub-contractor to price.

The Bill of Quantities is prepared by a quantity surveyor. The preparation divides itself into two dis
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