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What is transference?
6 years ago

Biology Question asked by Bina

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5 Answers

Transference on its own doesn`t really give me much idea. Does it relate to to transference of genes in bacteria? Vertical transfer is from parent to daughter cell during mitosis and horizontal transfer of genes is via plasmid transfer from one bacteria to another via conjugation.
Answered by [Deleted Member]
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Here`s a brief explaination:you can write a book about it:

Transference is a phenomenon (in Psychology,) in which an emotional feeling is transferred subconsciously from one object to another.
In psycho therapy, the emotional feelings such as rage, love & anger from the client are redirected towards the therapist. It can take many form.
It is very useful in psychodynamic therapy where it is important to get into a client`s subconscious mind in order to treat the deep rooted issue of a patient, as transfer between patient and therapist happened subconsciously..
Answered by Zeba | 6 years ago
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The action of transferring something or the process of being transferred
Answered by [Deleted Member]
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Transference is a Freudian psychoanalytical concept where it is asserted that we are invariably affected by another`s agenda. Rogerian Person Centred psychotherapy perceives such a concept as an "introjected" value which may simply be not true for the individual`s lived experience and, as such, can be destructive.
Answered by Peter | 6 years ago
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Do you mean in the psychology sense? If so, it is transferring the feelings you had towards important people in your life to another person and then expecting them to act in the same way.
Answered by Amy | 6 years ago
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