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Explain why impurities in some hydrocarbon fuels result in the production of sulfur dioxide
8 years ago

Chemistry Question asked by Navdeep

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6 Answers

Burning sulfur, or sulfur containing compounds produces sulfur dioxide as the product of the combustion reaction.

Sulfur occurs in many hydrocarbon fuels in different forms.
In natural gas the main sulfur compound is the gas hydrogen sulfide (H2S) which is produced by water dissolving sulfuring containing ores in rocks, or bacteria which use sulfur compounds as food sources.
In coal and oil, sulfur mainly occurs inside small organic molecules containing carbon-sulfur bonds.
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Biological life is formed of proteins which are in turn formed of amino acids. One of these amino acids contains sulphur. Therefore hydrocarbon fossil fuels (which are the remnants of dead sea animals) contain sulphur impurities. These sulphur impurities react with oxygen during the process of combustion to form sulphur dioxide while the carbon and hydrogen reacts with oxygen to form carbon dioxide and water.
Answered by [Deleted Member]
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Some fossil fuels contain the remains of protein based material which had sulphur present as disulphide bridges. This is released as sulphurous oxides when the fuel is burned. Usually sulphur dioxide which is an acidic gas that dissolves easily in water giving acid rain.
Answered by Neil | 8 years ago
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Crude oil was formed between layers of igneous volcanic rock or formed during volcanic activity. This produces sulphur rising from the magma. Crude oil contains a little sulphur unless no volcanic activity - Kuwaiti oil
Hence when the oil burns in oxygen gas
Sulphur dioxide or sulphur trioxide forms.
In rain cloud water these gases form sulphurous or sulphuric acids - these are acid rain gases and fall to earth causing death of trees plants and river life
Answered by Andrew | 8 years ago
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Crude oil is heated and separated via fractional distillation into different fractions such as petrol, diesel etc.

these fractions contain mainly hydrocarbons, but some impurities are present such as Sulfur.

These sulfur atoms react with oxygen from the air to form sulfur dioxide.

The sulfur dioxide is released into the atmosphere and reacts with the water vapour in clouds forming sulfuric acid (acid rain).

Acid rain caused damage to trees, buildings and statues made of limestone and damage to aquatic life.

I hope this helps.

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There are many sulfur impurities in the fuel which will react with oxygen during combustion
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