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Evaluate the reasons why it is important for lawyers to have an understanding and sense of legal ethics which goes beyond knowledge of the regulatory conduct codes.
8 years ago

Law Question asked by Zakariya

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2 Answers

Hi Zakaria.

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Answered by [Deleted Member]
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In my opinion there are two ways to approach this question either from a normative position or in the abstract. In substantive terms regulatory conduct codes will tell you about regulation in a particular sector, but you will need to know about correlating sectors and proper practice. This is important in business for compliance reasons, but also necessary for appropriate due diligence and mitigating the chance of negligence or breach. Some ethic concerns are quasi-legal, or moral without a legal component.

This leads on to the more jurisprudential side of things: if you are, say, a positivist you think that ethical concerns are outside of the scope of the law qua law (even if, like Hart, you think they are contingently linked) if you are a Natural Lawyer you may consider that the law has a moral/ethical component intrinsic with in it so just applying the regulations within their conduct is insufficient to uphold justice if those codes don`t take account of the the ethical demands and consequences of the law.

I hope this answers your question, I must admit I did not like the way the question is phrased. I am available to talk to, and offer tutorship in Law up to A-Level.

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Answered by [Deleted Member]
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