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Employee shareholding vehicle rejected

The government will not proceed with plans for a new employee shareholding vehicle, it has been announced. The decision follows a summer consultation, which was based on a 2013 pro...

Tuition fees force students to US in record numbers

On Monday November 17 2014 The Times published an article by Greg Hurst, Education Editor, which highlights some points about British kids crossing the pond for their university degre...

You can be good at Mathematics

10 Easy Steps to be a genius at Mathematics: 1. First, very important thing is not to try to solve the exercise too quickly. Most people are too quick to start writing, without ha...

Cultural Diplomacy in the African-European Relationship

Historical Overview: Cultural Diplomacy in Postcolonial African-European Relations Ghana's independence in 1957 opened the door for many other African countries to break free from...

From Hoechst to Sanofi Aventis

Table of contents I. INTRODUCTION 2 II. FROM A MANAGERIAL AND ORGANIZATIONAL VIEW POINT 4 1. Hoechst's organizational evolution 4 1.1 A functional structure 4 1.2. External gr...

What is English?

What is English? It can be suggested that the term, 'What is English' is rather broad and branches out into many different areas, but it is important to gain some basic understandi...

To what extent was Louis XVIII's reign largely a failure?

Leon Gambetta viewed Louis XVIII as 'the greatest King of France after Henri IV'. Whilst it is hard to isolate events or actions which would support Gambetta's claim, there is a d...

Polarised Light and our left handed Flesh

Polarization of electromagnetic fields An ordinary incandescent bulb (just like the Sun`s radiation) emits (many wave packets of) photons pointing in random directions so its radiati...

Algebra of commuting and associative objects

Any set of objects together with a set of rules of allowable operations (such as multiplication or division) that behaves in an internally consistent ("closed") manner is ca...

From Real to hyper complex numbers

Clifford Lie Algebra of Hyper Complex Numbers The group of transformation matrices from which a "spinor" is realised is related to a set of "Hyper-complex" numbers discovered by H...
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