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The Sub Rosas - Monkeys On Our Back E.P.

The Sub Rosas, a great band that I will champion with all my might. They`re a great two piece band from London, made up of Steve and Matthew, including themselves under the genres o...

In Antigone who is the main character, Antigone or Creon?

It seems initially obvious that the protagonist of this play be an eponymous one. Would it not be strange if there were a character that gave her name to a play without being the ce...

Is there any reason to believe that there are things about which science cannot tell us?

In today's society the trust and (sometimes blind) faith put in science is both marveling and somewhat ironic. For an area of "knowledge; that is predicated on the belief that no j...

OFSTED Review of Maths Education

Maths education in the UK is broken. Very broken. OFSTED worked this out in 2012. I read the report in 2013. This article is a summary of my findings and opinions based on reading tha...

The value of reinforcement in tutoring

Reinforcement is the most valuable aid to learning. #59; While attention is crucial and understanding is important, the only certain way to embed learning that I have seen is repeated...

18 principles of language learning

Learn language by listening and reading.1) Work with audio and written material that is just above your level, a little bit difficult - but not too much!2) Read and/or listen to the m...
Sophie Rae

‘Another mighty angel coming down’: Biblical Angels and Earthly Representation

IntroductionThe word angel, for me, conjures a certain distinct image: a child dressed in a discarded white bed sheet with a tinsel halo (gold or silver) and, if that child is particu...

The concept of partnering

The concept of partneringTheoretical consideration on partnering and inter-organisational collaboration aspects within existing business entities are widely discussed in the literat...

Kim making a monkey out of China in the Year of the Monkey

The Chinese government must have expected that its trouble-bag of an ally, North Korea s strongman Kim Jong-un, would pull some attention-grabbing stunt on the occasion of the Chine...

Hamlet Exemplar Essay

Claudius, as he appears in the play, is not a criminal. He is - strange as it may seem - a good and gentle King . How far and in what ways do you agree with this view? ...
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