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Instrumental tuition for pupils with Special Educational Needs

Some individuals display the narrow-minded view that children with Special Needs such as autism are `unable`to learn to play a musical instrument. My position as an experienced teache...

Fractals and Chaos Part II

The dictionary definition of the word chaos is something like "disorder" or "anarchy" in a system but the mathematical definition of a chaotic system is one which is extremely sensiti...

Fractals and Chaos Part I

A fractal is an object with self-similarity- if you zoom into a small piece of it the object looks exactly the same- as if you had never even zoomed in in the first place. It appears ...

The absence of French lessons in local primary schools

After beginning to teach a couple of primary-aged pupils French, Much to my amazement they were not receiving lessons in any language other than English in their primary school? Why?...

Modern Rock and Metric Experimentation

Introduction: While a great deal of popular music scholarship has focused exclusively on the sociocultural conditions surrounding the music, in recent years there has also been a g...

The reasons some students hate mathematics

Since I started tutoring in 1999, I have come across many A level students who have initially expressed to me that they hate Mathematics including my own daughter who complete her deg...


"Change is nothing new and a simple fact of life. Some people actively thrive on new challenges and constant change, while others prefer the comfort of the status quo and strongly res...

The use of ICT to encourage high quality teaching and learning

This teacher guide suggests how information communication technology (ICT) can be used within a secondary school classroom to encourage high quality teaching and learning in science, ...

Homeopathy: A Pseudoscience?

ABSTRACT Founded by Samuel Hahnemann more than two hundred years ago, homeopathy is based on principles that substances capable of producing the disease symptoms in the healthy will ...

STEM Applications to Oxford & Cambridge

Admissions to STEM based subjects at Oxbridge are undoubtedly competitive. Added to the high academic barrier to entry, is the perceived complexity of the admissions process itself. M...
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