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Cosine Identity - Cos2x

Formulae requiring proof Cos2x = Cos(x)2 - Sin(x)2 1 - 2 Sin(x)2 2Cos(x)2 - 1 *Cos2x equals each bullet point individually and separately. In order to examine and ...

Russian language. What to expect.

The French writer Prosper Merime claimed that Russian language was the most beautiful language of all European languages. Jerome Horsey, the English envoy, said that Russian language ...

Top 5 Language Learning Tips

Learning a language is challenging but also very rewarding. Being able to communicate at any level in an additional language opens up many doors socially and professionally. But how c...

What Supports or Impedes Efficient Supply Chain Relationships in the Aerospace Sector

Introduction The focus of the paper is how contractual relationships and contract documents relate to actual working relations in the aerospace industry. It is recognised that th...

Maths should be enjoyable

One thing that most people seem to agree about is that maths is hard. Even more strongly held is the view that maths is boring. Even teachers subscribe to this idea. But is maths real...

Inter-domain interactions in the IMP1 oncofetal protein

The insulin-like growth factor-II mRNA binding protein 1 (IMP1) is one of 3 human paralogues belonging to the highly conserved, multifunctional, RNA-binding VICKZ family [1]. IMP1 is...

Diary writing

Lesson Objective: -To plan writing an diary entry -To choose any scenario to write the diary entry. Some Features of a Diary Entry: Informal Tone First Person Emotive Language C...

Style & Method

STYLE & METHOD Style as a Self-Expression / Why every single Design differs from others? Design reflects many different Factors to materialize an Idea. Every single Author owns ...

Using fly to study cytoskeletal of neurons

The extension of long slender axons is a key process of neuronal circuit formation, both during brain development and regeneration. For this, growth cones at the tips of axons are gui...

English is Easy and Fun!

I recently started teaching English to a young Korean girl who is currently spending a year in the UK. Her mother is a Visiting Professor at the local university and is keen for her d...
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