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The Effect of Perceived Export Motivators and Barriers on UK SME Strategy ch 1 - 2

Executive Summary The research evaluates the incidence of perceptions of export motivations, barriers, objective and subjective owner characteristics to inform the researcher. In the...

Molecular and cell Biology

My research spans the disciplines of Protein Science and Cell Biology, subjects that are intimately linked by the common aim of understanding the molecular mechanisms that underlie bi...

Preparing your child for the 11+ and other entrance exams

What is the best way of preparing my child for the 11+? Should I get my child tutored, if I am not sure whether they are suited to grammar school? Which is better - 1:1, or a course? ...

Chords a bit of theory

Chords. What are chords and how are they made? Chords are a collection of notes played at the same time; they are made from the notes of the major scale. Lets look at some ch...

Power chords

Power chords can be a very cool addition to your chord library. They consist of only two notes ( without going too deep into music theory - this is the perfect fifth interval). You ...

Modern developments in international law and the notion of state sovereignty

The past decades have revolutionized the way we see the world in many aspects. That change has not gone unnoticed in international law - it has serious consequences for States. In thi...

Confident Speaking

A few methods that will help you speak more confidently. To begin this lesson is not about teaching you pronunciation or intonation or even grammar. Think Before You Speak. Obvious...

AQA4 Sectkion A Writing the essay - some tips

The exam season is very close and you are likely to be fine tuning your revision in advance of what should be quite an easy examination if you approach it the right way. The following...

How to write the perfect History or Politics Essay

Politics or History 5 Paragraph Essay Example question: To what extent was the Cold War caused by competing ideologies? Introduction Definition - what is the key term in the...

How to tackle AS History Source Question

How to tackle AS Source Questions What a source is for: evidence around which to based an argument and counter-argument Why it is necessary to understand providence: because this ...
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