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T.S. Eliot- How does TS Eliot use the breakdown of language in his poetry

"What is the language using us for?" WS Graham The question of whether a poet shapes, or is shaped by the language he uses to create art is one which can be addressed from a S...

Home Schooling - Teaching individuals

Do you have children? Do you have more than one child? Are they the same? If you are reading this the chances are you said, yes, yes, no. Sir Ken Robinson, in an excellent talk th...

Case study on Carlsberg

Introduction: J.C. Jacobsen founded the Danish brewery in 184, which has its headquarters based in the capital Copenhagen. Furthermore, the firm's flagship brand is "Carlsberg beer" ...

Durkheim on Crime

Functionalism: Durkheimian views on Crime Durkheim is viewed as the founder of Functionalist theory and much of his ideas about crime can be found in the Rules of Sociological Method...
Xuejing Catherine

A clear business strategy is vital to business success, discuss

A huge number of new consumers have emerged in Asia, the Middle East, Latin America and central and Eastern Europe over the last few decades. This is a major opportunity that features...

Are bilinguals really smarter? By: Alexandra Ossola Even as a young kid, I always wanted to be bilingual. I surrounded myself with friends from all over the world, and, a...

Women in Medicine 1500 - 1900

To what extent did male medical practitioners succeed in excluding women from medicine in the years 1500 - 1930? The simple answer to the above question would have to be that at th...

The Golden Ratio

What is the Golden Ratio? It is a numerical ratio found in Nature, Music, Art, Biology and many more aspects of life. Plants arrange their structure according to this number. Art i...

Shale and tight gas: to frack or not to frack?

'Chimaera the unconquerable. of divine birth was she and not of men . breathed dread fierceness of blazing fire' wrote Homer ('Iliad') of the mythical Greek monster Chimaera. Euhemeri...


Introduction to course handout for AS Philosophy AS PHILOSOPHY AN INTRODUCTION TO PHILOSOPHY 1: REASON AND EXPERIENCE Note: These notes are an overview of the entire syllabus...
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