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Power chords

Power chords can be a very cool addition to your chord library. They consist of only two notes ( without going too deep into music theory - this is the perfect fifth interval). You ...

Modern developments in international law and the notion of state sovereignty

The past decades have revolutionized the way we see the world in many aspects. That change has not gone unnoticed in international law - it has serious consequences for States. In thi...

Confident Speaking

A few methods that will help you speak more confidently. To begin this lesson is not about teaching you pronunciation or intonation or even grammar. Think Before You Speak. Obvious...

AQA4 Sectkion A Writing the essay - some tips

The exam season is very close and you are likely to be fine tuning your revision in advance of what should be quite an easy examination if you approach it the right way. The following...

How to write the perfect History or Politics Essay

Politics or History 5 Paragraph Essay Example question: To what extent was the Cold War caused by competing ideologies? Introduction Definition - what is the key term in the...

How to tackle AS History Source Question

How to tackle AS Source Questions What a source is for: evidence around which to based an argument and counter-argument Why it is necessary to understand providence: because this ...

Using JavaScript to Build High-Performance Network Programs

Node.js - also called Node - is a serverside JavaScript environment (see http:// It's based on Google's runtime implementation - the aptly named "V8" engine. V8 and N...

Table of maximum transmittable frequencies for accelerometer cables.

Table of maximum transmittable frequencies for accelerometer cables. Cable Capacitance (picoFarads/foot) Cable Length (feet) 16 26 30 42 10 142084 87436 75778 541...

Understanding Java Stack Inspection

Current implementations of Java make security decisions by searching the runtime call stack. These systems have attractive security properties, but they have been criticized as bei...

Meditation and creativity

With the hectic life of work and play, we can also make an effort to enhance our mental faculties through physical exercise, followed by visualisation, and finally, relaxation. Soc...
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