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Benefits of Science: How Science really works

The contents are taken from Understanding Science: The process of science is a way of building knowledge about the unive...

6 tips for learning a foreign language

1) Learn a new word each day It may not sound much, but that's 7 new words a week or 30 or so per month, which soon adds up.. 2) Use memory aids such as flashcards There are ...

Mathematics Personal Statement

There are many ways to become a pilot; I have chosen a path (attending a University Air Squadron) that allows me to achieve that ambition whilst studying my dream subject: mathemati...

India's Dharavi recycling slumdog entrepreneurs

For the past three decades, there has been a transformation of the recycling psyches that has been experienced across the globe. New consumerism heaped atop rapid urbanisation and pop...

IELTS Writing Exam Tips

IELTS ACADEMIC WRITING STRATEGIES IELTS Academic Writing Structure 2 pieces of writing, 60 minutes in total. Task 1, candidates are presented with a graph, table, chart or diagra...
Tomisin Rita

Sage Line 50 -Introduction 2

SETTING UP NOMINAL CODE Nominal ledger codes provide the details of nominal ledger transactions. All transactions entered on to the system must appear on the nominal ledger. Nomin...
Tomisin Rita

Sage Line 50 - Introduction 1

Business needs to keep proper and accurate accounting records, this is mandatory and it is required by International Accounting Standards (IAS) and International Financial Reporting S...
Ravi (leic`s #1 Gcse Maths Higher Paper Tutor)

The dirty secret the education authorities doesn`t want parents knowing

Today I want to address the lack of Maths skills in the UK, and why the education system is largely at fault for this. There`s a very dirty secret which is being kept under the ru...
Ravi (leic`s #1 Gcse Maths Higher Paper Tutor)

How to earn £2,100 extra each year using just your GCSE Maths

OK, it`s important that your child grows up financially independent. Money problems are a very ugly affair. They come gift-wrapped with countless struggles; feelings of personal embar...

Is GDP the best measure of economics growth and living standards?

Gross Domestic Product (GDP) measures the monetary value of all the finished goods and services produced within a country`s borders in a specific time period, usually one year. It is ...
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