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Le Minh

Is the United States still a globally hegemonic world power?

For much of the 20th century and the first decade of the 21st century, the United States has enjoyed the status as a dominant player in the international states system, with a "prepon...

Effects of age on metacognitive efficiency

Humans have a capacity to become aware of thoughts and behaviours known as metacognition. Metacognitive efficiency refers to the relationship between subjective reports and objectiv...

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Music Exams

There are many different reasons to take music exams. Some advantages of taking exams are that it can be very motivating as it gives something to work towards and can give a sense of ...

Has the age of revolutions ended?

Are there any revolutions possible to emerge in the contemporary world or rather is revolution merely a historical phenomenon that will not occur anymore? In order to answer these que...

Production Capacity

Introduction Production capacity is actually defined as the maximum number of output of a production process in a facility in a limited interval of time under standard operating cond...

Brazilian Portuguese v European Portuguese

Brazilian Portuguese (BP) is not exactly the same as European Portuguese (EP), which is only natural given the vast numbers of speakers and huge territory. Even within Brazil, there a...

Memory and poetic form in John Betjeman`s poetry - part 3

Betjeman firmly lays the blame for the damage done to the speaker at the feet of the Victorian era itself, reminding us that this was the culture that condemned Oscar Wilde ('she ...

Memory and poetic form in John Betjeman`s poetry - part 2

Baudelaire creates the inverse effect in his 'prose poems', by elevating, with occasional flurries of poeticism, mostly un-metrical language - language which does not invite in the re...

Memory and poetic form in John Betjeman`s poetry - part 1

The technical sophistication of John Betjeman's poetry is rarely analysed. This is perhaps because Betjeman is not intrinsically associated with any major twentieth century literary m...

Spanish and French far-right monarchism - expressions of a reactionary utopian mentality?

To what extent can both Spanish and French far-right monarchism be considered expressions of a reactionary utopian mentality? In the late 19th century and early 20th century the po...
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