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Accounting Fundamentals

Fundamentals Fundamental to understanding Accounting is to coming to grips with the double entry- The Debits and the credits. Initially some students may think of their bank stateme...

Improve your CV by learning practical lab skills

In today`s highly competitive job market many bioscience undergraduate students feel that they struggle to compete for entry level positions due to insufficient practical experience. ...

Academic Essay

The following essay is work of Bruno Russell and cannot be copied without reference and was produced under assessment by the University of Southampton. 'The Plague of 1509-47: Fac...

Body Langugae

What is your body language saying about you? Having good communication skills is not just about what you say or the way you say it in fact over 60% of communication is about your b...

Does democracy require participation in deliberation on the part of the citizens?

A cursory look at the question gives rise to immediate demands for clarification. Indeed the process of evaluating a constitutive or necessary part of democracy, in this case deli...


I use the term, PURE, in an attempt to describe the best quality of musical sound that we can hope to produce from a brass instrument. Because brass players have to learn to master th...

The Environmental Kuznets Curve

A major topic in developmental and environmental economics surrounds the issue of income inequality, more specifically, the application and validity of an income inequality measure; T...

Studying every day

Music is an attractive after school activity. The secret of your success is practice, practice, practice. Every piece you are doing is slightly different and complicated than the prev...

Using units to help with equations in science

In science subjects such as physics and chemistry, units often give students a lot of trouble. In this article is a demonstration of how a knowledge of how they work in formulae can ...

UV Radiation and The Eyes

The UV light coming from the sun is known to over time cause ocular damage. Reflective sources of light as well also have the same effect,such as snow, water, etc, hence the need for ...
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