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Business Continuity Insights for Managers

We recently surveyed a large number of businesses across the West Midlands region about their level of preparation for incidents, crises and emergency response. The results were varie...

Help - that French vocab is driving me crazy!

If this is you, then here are some suggestions which I hope will help. Firstly, you`ll have to learn what the French words mean in English, so I suggest you use a ruler to go throu...

A guide to German pronunciation

What I really like about German is the fact that it is a phonetic language i.e. you pronounce the words as they`re spelt and there aren`t any letters or syllables that are silent (lik...

Why learn German?

Most people have at some time or other been across the Channel to France, even if it was only for a day trip. It is our closest foreign neighbour and a popular holiday destination, ev...

To What Extent Is It Appropriate to Promote Autonomy Within Clients Across Cultures?

In this discourse, I shall be evaluating the second ethical principle put forward by the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP) in their Ethical Framework (2013). ...

How Can Humans Utilise Music

In 1993, Rauscher, Shaw and Ky published an influential report which demonstrated enhanced spatial ability of college students after listening to the allegro con spirito movement of ...

Wireless Power Transmission

The phenomenon known as electricity is said to have been discovered or at least first recorded around 2700BC when the Egyptians noticed the painful shocks given to them by the fish of...

Introduction to my Dissertation

Introduction Nobody can perfectly model or predict the continued heavy use and dependence on fossil fuels use as a primary source of energy. It is clear however that the bi-product...


The term 'Sikhism' is a Western term coined by Europeans during the nineteenth century. The term Sikhism like Hinduism is not indigenous to the Indian lexicon.[1] Those who take the r...

A personal experience of positive and negative learning strategies

As a prelude to any analysis of the concepts of learning we need to identify the philosophy and methodology of various modes. With regards to this analysis I will identify experiences...
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