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Relationship between tutor and student

WHAT IS SPECIAL ABOUT A ONE-TO-ONE TUTOR that enables an extra learning experience to be successful? Tutoring is not an extension of school class lessons in a particular subject, i...

Flexible British labour market - a blessing or a curse?

Flexible British labour market - a blessing or a curse? The British labour market is outperforming most of its peers in Europe. It has been experiencing consistent improvements for...

Effectiveness of International Anti-Corruption Regulations: Towards Achieving a Common Standard

The paper examines the effectiveness of international anti-corruption laws in curbing transnational corruption. The motivation behind international anti-corruption regulations was to ...

Indian Classical Music (Carnatic)

Indian Classical Music is very popular in the world stage today, because of its mesmerising effect on the audience.Indian Classical Music has two genres - Hindustani Music (mostly pra...

KS2 SAT Guided Reading Technique

The following is a subjective overview of the SATS KS2 Reading Comprehension paper. This is not a complete guide and does not provide any objective content. Further research may be a...

How to Write an English Essay

Writing an essay is hard. Sometimes it is very hard. Sometimes you want nothing more than to throw your pen (or your laptop) out of the window, bury your head in a pillow and scream f...

The Effectiveness of Mnemonics on Memory

It was found by McCarty (1980) that a face-name mnemonic containing several components: a prominent facial feature, a concrete high imagery transformation of the person`s name and an ...

Mental Calculation

Multiplying two complimentary numbers(numbers which are same except the right most digits and the right most digits add to 10). Some of the complimentary pairs are 23 and 27, 44 and 4...

Tips for italian pronunciation

The Italian alphabet has almost the same letters as the English alphabet: ABCDIFGHILMNOPQRSTUVZ. The vowels are AEIOU. Additional letters are JKWXY, used for foreign words or some ...

Trigonometry ... is all about triangles

The triangle of most interest is the right-angled triangle. The three sides of a right angled triangle are, Adjacent,Hypotenuse and opposite. Adjacent is adjacent (next to) to the ...
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