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To what extent can an account of Byzantine politics be constructed from the available sources?

The available sources provide insufficient reliable details to construct a full narrative account of Byzantine politics in the age of Constantine Porphyrogenitus. However, the sources...

Psychosocial Behavioural Analysis

"What are the differences between the conscious and unconscious mind and what is the significance of this in terms of our behaviour?" The aim of this project is to derive an answer...


I always focus on the individual needs and preferences of the student. Subjects of the discussions covering a variety of topics: History, Politics, Finance, Information Technology,...

The New Sublime

Something about the strangely underpopulated Docklands area of London unsettles me. When I was recently on the DLR, gliding into the shadow of One Canada Square, this manifested itsel...

How equal is the UK?

The UK is generally thought of as being a far more equal country than other country`s in the world in terms of economic and social equality. After all, it has more laws to prevent dis...

Plato Theory of Ideas

What is the ultimate reality of the world? As per the great thinker and Philosopher Plato, Ideas are the ultimate realities. In this world, there are lots of particular things but if...

Whether British Contemporary Society is Socially Just?

Social Justice is a contested concept having a range of definitions that have been drawn upon policies, literature and practice. For instance, some people emphasize on the equality o...

Optimising Your German

Learning a language is exciting and fun though most people have a limited number of hours for their tuition due to other commitments. Most students studying for GCSE or A-level G...

Blake and Jung`s Collective Unconscious

"Improvement makes straight roads, but crooked roads without improvement are roads of genius" : The role of the unconscious in Blake's early work. In entering the world of Blake's...

"Paradise Lost" and Milton`s Personal Life

"A dark cellar where social anxieties and sexual fantasies mingle with his [Milton's] creativity" (James Grantham Turner) The result, the "dark cellar" of Milton's sometimes di...
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