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Chemistry of transhydrogenase

Abstract:- Understanding the link between the structure and mechanism of transhydrogenase is crucial for developing our knowledge on how NADPH is formed. Altered levels of transhy...

The role of interleukin-4 (IL-4) in the immune response

IL-4 is one of many cytokines and is known as an anti-inflammatory or regulatory cytokine as it causes a down-regulation in the immune response. Naïve CD4+ T cells proliferate an...

El lenguaje politicamente correcto

Voy a referirme a cuatro puntos clave; una definición del LPC, la libertad de expresión, la consecuencia de no usar este lenguaje y las culturas distintas. Para examina...

El culto a la juventud

Voy a referirme a cuatro puntos clave: una definición de la juventud, los beneficios y aspecto negativos de ser más jóven y la vanidad. Para examinar más min...

La corrida de toros

Voy a referirme a cuatro puntos clave: una descripción del toreo, su historia, la situación actual en España y las ideas a favor y en contra de este deporte. Para e...

El Laberinto del Fauno

Voy a referirme a cuatro puntos clave: un resumen del argumento, un análisis de las protagonistas, las imágenes que destacan y algunas técnicas cinematográficas. ...

Why choose Spanish as your new foreign language?

1. Spanish is the mother tongue of approximately 350 million people in 21 countries, including Mexico: 95 million, Spain: 40 million, Argentina: 38 million, Colombia: 35 million. Howe...

The Significance of Speeding Neutrinos

As you likely already know, there has recently been a furore over the behaviour of an infamous lepton. Some measurements of these sub-atomic particles that have been taken in Italy th...

Short Story

'Tommy! Tommy! Stop doing that! She has sand in her eyes. I told you already.pack it in! Do you want me to wake your father?' With a tanned, anguished face, his eyes glanced up, meet...

Piece of Creative Writing

Autumn came with all its might. Grabbing trees that could not fight; turning leaves crispy brown and yellow, except one little leaf that stood fast and would not bend. It did not ...
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