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Mohammed Amine

The Adjective in Arabic Language

The adjective in Arabic language The adjective in the Arabic language is called /NAAT/, it has the /AlSIFA/ name as well which means the 'description'. In Arabic structure the ...

How 'New' in the history of the Labour Party is New Labour?

The rise of Tony Blair as leader of the Labour party in 1994 and the actions of Labour in government after 1997 have led political scientists and historians alike to argue that New La...

Inspiration and tips for second language learners

Every time I see my little niece, who is now four years old, switching between Italian and Dutch as if it were the most natural thing, I can`t help but feel jealous. At the age of thr...

MoS v Spotify ceasefire leaves some questions unanswered

An article I wrote for the Music Law Updates Website Late in February 2014 a cease-fire was called on the copyright infringement claim between Ministry of Sound (MoS) and Spoti...

Explore the use of power, corruption and justice in "Measure for Measure" and "The White Devil"

The predominant themes in Shakespeare's "Measure for Measure" and Webster's "The White Devil" are of the complications designed by political corruption which are dramatically intensif...

Mathematics & Pedagogy - Solving Quadratics

A quadratic expression is the form ax2 + bx + c where a, b, c, are constant. The simplest quadratic form is when a=1 so we have x2 + bx + c. There are a number of different teaching m...

Excerpt from Othello essay

'Men with men and men with women': Jealousy, narcissism and homo-social and heterosexual relations in Othello and the Winter's Tale. At the centre of both Othello and The Winter's ...

Aliens in our backyard

When you hear the word 'alien', what do you think? The phrase 'little green men' probably springs to mind, as well as the memory of countless Star Trek humanoids, Sigourney Weaver's A...

Globalisation Backlash in the 1930s

***In what respect did the world economy disintegrate in the 1930s? Why was there n!o similar 'globalisation backlash' after the crash of 2008?*** With respect to disintegration in...

IS*-LM* Model Analysis

***Using an IS*-LM* model, explain under what conditions a fiscal stimulus might be used to stabilise the economy in the face of a sudden fall in demand. Even if feasible, is it desir...
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