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¿Why tudy spanish?

Studying Spanish is always a good choice. There are many reasons to opt for the language of Cervantes, but here we present only the most important: Spanish is the third most spoken...

"Can nations be anything other than imagined communities?"

Can nations be anything other than 'imagined communities'? Any attempt to evaluate the concept of 'nation', or the associated notions of 'nationhood' and 'nationalism' must first ackn...

Representation and the human mind

Representation and the human mind Introduction The aim of this report is to outline evolution from the chimpanzee to modern humans and demonstrate how the mind has evolved liter...

Direct Interaction between the Actin-binding Protein Filamin...........

The role of filamins in actin cross-linking and membrane stabilization is well established, but recently their ability to interact with a variety of transmembrane receptors and signal...

Evaluation of the importance of social interaction in language acquisition

Language has imposed itself on the scientific and philosophical community as an integral, and equally intriguing, part of human nature. The ideas of language have been discussed as fa...

The evolution of pair bonding and romantic love

In all aspects of life, from our art and literature to the people we associate with and the choices we make, love extends to farthest depths of our humanity - So it seems bizarre to c...

Why are schools still teaching in the industrial age?

I grew up in a world which was more limited by the means in which I could gain information. The sources of information which I would use to learn were my teachers, my textbooks (or an...

Can Film Do Philosophy? The Self-Reflexivity Argument and Martin Scorsese`s Hugo (2011)

Martin Scorsese`s first 3D film, Hugo (2011), recounts the tale of a boy who attempts to uncover a secret message hidden inside a broken automaton supposedly constructed by the filmma...

How close we came to nuclear war - The Cuban Missile Crisis

Lying quietly in deep international waters close to Cuba, the Soviet submarine B59 came under attack by American depth charges. The furious officers scrambled to activate their key we...

Reflective Writing

Professional Portfolio Reflective Writing When I first enrolled into the Masters of Arts program at the Academy, I had already been studying in the building for four years...
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