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Understanding Mathematics

Why Mathematics? Mathematics is a subject one can relate in his day to day life. One may not need to calculate distance to moon in his everyday life but definitely to manage mo...

Dyslexia In Different Countries

Why is it that there is such a disparity between individuals when it comes to learning to read? Reading is a cultural and taught activity and its success depends on two important fact...

Bilingualism and the Dyslexic Child

Bilingualism is common in many countries, but for the dyslexic child, acquiring literacy skills in two languages can be problematic. 'Bilingualism' is a very broad term and the magnit...

Security & Safety

Here are a few tips that I recommend for those of you who use your PC / Laptop / Notebook on a regular basis for Internet work or surfing : 1 - Ensure you have the `Updates for Mic...


1. List the risk factors for glaucoma. 2. Describe tests and ways to diagnose glaucoma, with reference to pneumotonometry and the spot light test. 3. Research the pathophysiolog...

"I would rather die": reasons given by 16-year-olds for not continuing their study of mathematics

Research in Mathematics Education "I would rather die": reasons given by 16-year-olds for not continuing their study of mathematics Margaret Brown a , Peter Brown a , and Tamar...

What Is a Mathematically Rich Task?

What Is a Mathematically Rich Task? Stage: 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 Article by Steve Hewson Rich tasks open up mathematics. They transform the subject from a collection of memorised ...

Biosynthesis of marine lipids

Biosynthetic studies of marine lipids.25. Biosynthesis of ?9,11 and ?7 -sterols and saponins in sea cucumbers. M. Lucinda Cordeiro , Carl Djerassi J. Org. Chem., 1990, 55 (9), pp 2...

Biosynthesis of lipids

Biosynthetic studies of marine lipids. 42. Biosynthesis of steroid and triterpenoid metabolites in the sea cucumber Eupentacta fraudatrix. Tatyana N. Makarieva, Valentin A. Stonik, ...

Finding a good sound

Have you ever wondered how some players have such a full and enveloping sound? When I first heard William Bennett play, I was so amazed by his beautiful and large, sonorous tone. So...
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