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Research reflection: Facebook's role in the rise of virtual British extremism

Introduction Initially the study was influenced by the death of an acquaintance in early 2010. The death was a result of a gunshot wound during a routine patrol in Helmand provinc...

Catch 22

With the topic of the anniversary of the Blitz dominating many headlines, narratives of the individuals who played a part in the second world war seems in abundance. For example the ...

Abstract Painting, the Screen and the Post-Medium Condition

`Abstract Painting, the Screen and the Post-Medium Condition` I have been grappling with the relationship between, and the possibilities of, abstract painting and 'new media' in my...

Qualified Teacher Assessment Tests

Qualified Teacher Assessment Tests During the summer I am often asked for help with the Qualified Teacher tests and would offer the following tips. 1. The numeracy test is not gener...

What should learning mean to the learner?

True learning is a felt experience. However, in almost all educational situations we are encouraged to consider only what we think, so our involvement is limited to an intellectual ap...

The Penny-Dropping Moment

It's the situation that every teacher strives for: after several seemingly fruitless attempts to get across a principle or idea or essential fact, suddenly the pupil's face lights up,...

Little Britain:The state of language learning in the UK today.

A question which I have heard consistently is why are Brits so bad at learning other languages? As a French and Spanish graduate, learning new languages was always interesting to me, ...

Valuation of Shares

Chapter X: Valuation of shares X.A. What are shares? A share is a financial instrument that provides the holder with partial ownership of a company. A share is also commonly r...

Is the Wave-Function the Fundamental Ontology of Quantum Mechanics?

This paper is too long to be uploaded. If you would like to read a full version I would be happy to supply a copy on request. §1 One Problem and 3 Solutions Although Quantu...

When is the right time to begin work on Grade 1 piano?

When parents are faced with their children learning skills that they didn`t pursue it is especially hard to know how to measure their child`s progress. I have often found that childre...
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