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Plato Theory of Ideas

What is the ultimate reality of the world? As per the great thinker and Philosopher Plato, Ideas are the ultimate realities. In this world, there are lots of particular things but if...

Whether British Contemporary Society is Socially Just?

Social Justice is a contested concept having a range of definitions that have been drawn upon policies, literature and practice. For instance, some people emphasize on the equality o...

Optimising Your German

Learning a language is exciting and fun though most people have a limited number of hours for their tuition due to other commitments. Most students studying for GCSE or A-level G...

Blake and Jung`s Collective Unconscious

"Improvement makes straight roads, but crooked roads without improvement are roads of genius" : The role of the unconscious in Blake's early work. In entering the world of Blake's...

"Paradise Lost" and Milton`s Personal Life

"A dark cellar where social anxieties and sexual fantasies mingle with his [Milton's] creativity" (James Grantham Turner) The result, the "dark cellar" of Milton's sometimes di...

How Important Was Leadership in Determining the Outcome of Revolutionary Struggles in Latin America?

The leader of a successful social revolution is a charismatic and iconic figure; however it can be difficult to draw a conclusion regarding their importance individually let alone cre...

Origen e identidad

The verb ser (to be) is used to describe origin (where you are from) and identity (personality, physical appearance, profession, religion, relationships). Some of the forms of ser ...


As in any other language, there are many ways to say goodbye in Spanish. Some expressions are best used in formal situations while others are more informal (casual) in tone. Below are...

Nos presentamos?

Hola - Hello, hi - This greeting is suitable in both formal and informal contexts. Adiós - Goodbye - An informal alternative Hola, aló, diga - Hello (on the telephone) - The cho...

production of electricity in Australia and France from 1980-2000

The pie charts represent production of electricity in Australia and France by fuel source in units in years 1980 and 20 years later, in 2000. Total production of electricity in 1980...
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