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Matt (Tutor in London)

London, London
Home Town: London
Member Since: 29/11/2014
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The Coaching Academy
Certificate in Personal Coaching
Distinction  (2011)
Poznan University of Technology
Management and Manufacturing Engine...
Pass  (2006)

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Life Coaching£25.00

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Information about Matt

Hi there and well done on even considering to get someone on board who can grab your hand and show you a new level of greatness in life. You may decide not to work with anyone just yet, but it’s good that you are at least considering it. Working with a good mentor or coach can produce great results, and I hope you will find the right person once you are ready.

Since you are here, I hope you agree that it’d be good for you to learn what a good coach or mentor should do for you. I’ll use a story for that. Stories are one of the best ways to explain thoughts and ideas. It also shows you what you are likely to experience if you decide to work with me.


“Imagine that between you and your dream, your desire or your goal is a thick, dark jungle. You know that something “else” awaits you on the other side of the Jungle. You may not quite know what exactly it is, or how to get there, but somehow, deep inside yourself, you can feel It’s presence. And you have secretly wanted it... for a long time.

You take a deep breath and warm, full of moisture air enters your lungs… you listen to the sound of the Jungle… birds are singing… bugs are buzzing… rainforest is soughing… you feel the excitement mixed with scarcity… and still a bit unsure… you... step in…

As you walk through the Jungle you now know why people have always been avoiding it - branches are scratching your arms and pulling your hair. Mosquitoes are biting your entire body and ants are pinching your feet. No, it does not feel good. You stepped out of your comfort zone, and it’s true what they say - it does not feel good.

After a few hours, in the moment of the highest hesitation, when the Jungle nearly killed your dreams... you slow down... ready stop or what’s worse… to go back. You have a right to feel lonely and it just does not feel good to be all alone on this Journey. Unsure what to do you turn around… and then you see me. My warm smile, spirit full of joy and smiley eyes. “Keep walking my friend. Don’t let a few difficulties beat your dreams. Desire is now alive. Follow it. I will be right by your side from now on.” I say. And you feel a new wave of energy awakening within you. Desire is indeed alive.

And from now on, you know that whenever doubt will try to take over, I will be there to rejuvenate your Desire. You know I will be there to push you forward every time you will need me to push you forward. I will guide you wherever you will need guidance. You now know that you are Invincible, that you can and you will reach your dreams and desires.

So now as you walk through the Jungle, you realize that it’s not as scary as you initially thought… as most people think. You realize that the Jungle is a great place to be. It has taught you the most valuable skill of all - to never give up, never! No Matter What! You realized that my company on your Journey, my smiley face and a friendly push forward is what made a huge difference to your Desire. You realized that the human spirit can only grow when it’s challenged, pushed and supported. And you realized that the Jungle has become your best friend. You smile to yourself and admit in your mind - it was a great decision… because just now you reached the other side of the Jungle, and what you saw… was beyond your imagination.


If you understand what the story is about, you should probably keep reading. Before I give you some further guidance let me share with you a couple of words about what I do.

I specialise in an area that is a direct source of frustration, anxiety and dissatisfaction for tens of millions of people around the world. Those who lack this essential knowledge are usually angry, broke and unhappy. On the other hand, understanding this one crucial matter inevitably leads to success, money and real satisfaction in life. That’s why I have always said – this is a single most important lesson each person HAS TO learn. And this is what you will understand when you work with me also. So... let’s get started.
Start with a pain of where they are at
First, let’s try to understand why you are here at first place?

Well, maybe you are here because you are not happy with how certain areas of your life are unfolding for you? Maybe you are here because deep down you feel that something is not quite right? You may not have a clear idea of what it is, but you can FEEL IT... can’t you?
Perhaps you are here because you are unhappy with or deeply dissatisfied with your job that quite frankly seems meaningless.
Or maybe you do know what it is, but for some reason… “something” keeps stopping you from becoming the greatest, wealthiest and happiest person you can become?

If any of the above feels right, you are in the right place my dear and it would be wise to at least familiarise yourself with my work. It is likely to be of great value for you.
Point out the consequences of choices
Now, I have got some good news, but I have got bad ones too.
I’ll leave the good ones for later, to sweeten the bitterness of the bad ones I will share with you now.

Two things are certain. One - that we all will die. Two - if we don’t change our actions, nothing will change. It’s lack of action that keeps us where we are… in pain. It’s lack of action that keeps producing the same, poor, annoying results. It’s lack of action that creates… TERRIBLE CONSEQUENCES. And the life in pain you have (likely) been living is one of them. Another one is that the pain will unfortunately grow. As the time goes by and your life passes by, you will realize more and more that you have less and less time. Time to become a significant, important, wealthy, happy and fulfilled person. You will feel that life is leaking through your fingers and this will add to your pain.

And there is only one remedy - You have to act! The time to change your life is NOW. You have to start taking the RIGHT actions! Sometime we take action but it’s like running in circle and shouting - “I am taking action! Why am I not getting where I want to get?!”. Because the action you are taking doesn’t lead to results you want. It’s the right action that can take you there.

So… how long have you been feeling the pain of luck of true success? How long have you been tolerating it? How long have you been accepting it? And most importantly – how much longer are you planning to accept it further? Are you going to act now?

Availability: Skype sessions available on: Mon - Fri evenings, weekends (most of the time)

Willing to travel: 30 miles

Experience: I strongly suggest that you do! And I will feel privileged if you let me assist you and push you through the right actions that you need to take. You may feel that walking through the jungle of life has been a struggle. You may have been feeling alone and discouraged. But if you say yes to it… there will be two of us from now on… and for some reason it feels lighter doesn`t it?

I can tell you about my experience, how as an Account Manager I created digital trafficking strategies for clients like Sony or Time magazine how I have been a motivational speaker how I delivered Youth Leadership Programs and tons of other, more informal yet inspirational meetings… but I would rather focus on what I can do for you.

Because when you work with me, you will understand what your next steps need to be.

When you work with me, you will understand why your current job may feel meaningless, pointless and without deeper purpose. And what work will definitely bring you happiness, fulfilment and new level of wealth. You will understand all of that, because this is what I specialise in.

When you work with me, you will learn how to identify what you are naturally great at and why success is almost GUARANTEED when you start doing what you are supposed to be doing. It is a fairly straightforward concept, yet most people fail to see the obvious.

You will also understand why when you start doing what you are meant to be doing, you are destined to live life you have always dreamt of.
Finally, when you work with me you will understand why you HAVE TO start doing what you are supposed to be doing. And I guarantee that the answer will give you goose bumps.

And the reason you will get goose bumps is because you will understand that now, you too can live life that very few people in this world live. You will understand that your passion has power to drive your income and take it to the level never seen before. There are over 12,000,000 millionaires in the world… if so many people are able to make so much money, you must agree that it is clearly not as difficult as many people think. All you need is right thinking, and right actions.

The question you might have on your mind is - Can YOU make that kind of money? Well… certainly yes. Can you make it quickly? That... I don’t know, but we can find out.

But remember - money is not a goal. Money is a side effect of working with passion and clarity. And this is what you are likely you achieve when you work with me. Because I care about people’s passions. I care about people’s inner drive. I care about people’s true motive, about who they truly are. And this is my objective when I work with you - for you to understand what it is that you are meant to do and to be. What it is that will bring you success and fulfilment.

So - I hope you are ready to bring me on board to help me walk you through that Jungle. Remember - the more, the merrier. So let me assist you with my knowledge, experience and support. Let me pat you on your back whenever you may need it. Let me whisper to your ears words of encouragement that will keep your desire and dreams alive. Let’s start your journey right here, right now. Talk to me.

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