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My Qualifications

UCL Institute of Education
Postgraduate Certificate in Education (Primary)
PGCE  (2016)
National College of Teaching and Learning?
Qualified Teacher Status
Qualified Teacher St  (2016)
King`s College London University
Dental Studies
Pass with Honours  (2008)
A Level
Newstead Wood Grammar School for Girls?
A  (2003)
A Level
Newstead Wood Grammar School for Girls?
A  (2003)
A Level
Newstead Wood Grammar School for Girls?
A  (2003)
Newstead Wood Grammar School for Girls?
English Literature
A*  (2001)
Newstead Wood Grammar School for Girls?
A*  (2001)
Newstead Wood Grammar School for Girls?
A*  (2001)
Newstead Wood Grammar School for Girls?
A*  (2001)
Newstead Wood Grammar School for Girls?
A*  (2001)
Newstead Wood Grammar School for Girls?
A*  (2001)
Newstead Wood Grammar School for Girls?
Religious Studies
A*  (2001)
Newstead Wood Grammar School for Girls?
A*  (2001)
Newstead Wood Grammar School for Girls?
A*  (2001)
Newstead Wood Grammar School for Girls?
English Language
A  (2000)
Newstead Wood Grammar School for Girls?
Design and Technology
A*  (2000)

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Information about Sonal

My name is Sonal, I’m 35, a former Teacher and now full-time Private ‘Tutor with a Twist’.

What makes me different? My powerful and effective combination of tutoring AND coaching, for a holistic approach to education.

I tutor students for:

- 11 Plus Exams (English, Maths Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning)
- English Language (Year 3 to Year 11 GCSE Level)
- English for 13 Plus Exams
- Maths (Year 3 to Year 6)
- Science (Year 7 to Year 9)
- Common Entrance Schools and University interview coaching
- Personal Statements for University

I am tutoring all my students online: my new area of expertise during this pandemic and when lockdown started in March 2020.

I provide online tutoring just as effectively as being with students in person.

I only tutor one-to-one and not groups.

Currently I am tutoring:

- 6 Eleven Plus students - Years 4, 5 and 6 in English, Maths, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning
- 2 students for English - one in Year 8 and one in Year 3
- 1 Thirteen Plus student for English - Year 8
- 2 English Language GCSE students - Year 10 and Year 11
- several students online during the daytime (Primary and Secondary, Years 3 to 11), in English, Maths and Science. These are children who have missed out on schooling during lockdown, are unable to attend school due to COVID risks, or are behind in their learning due to some other reason.

Brilliant breakthroughs I have seen with my students, are included below in my online experience section, along with exact details of how I use the online programme Zoom, to achieve these excellent results and progress with my online students.

As a Former Teacher of 4 years, I taught hundreds of children in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6, in London OFSTED Outstanding Schools and as a Private tutor for the last 6 years, I have tutored over 100 students, one-to-one and in small groups - Primary and Secondary. Through my collective teaching and tutoring, I have gathered over 5000 hours teaching experience.

Below is a sharing of my background, teaching qualifications, experience and expertise.

For my Secondary Education, I successfully passed my Eleven Plus exam and attended Newstead Wood - a Grammar School for Girls. Here I attained 10 A* and an A for my GCSEs and 3 A grades at A-Level, in Biology, Chemistry and Maths.

After my school years, I worked as a Dentistry Student for 4 years, then became a Pharmacy Technician for 4 years and moved on to be a Teacher for 4 years. The first career transition from the field of Dentistry to Pharmacy, was because I had a life-changing, mountain-carting accident in Switzerland, when I was just 19 years old. This left me with a significant chronic lower back pain condition, which made Dentistry no longer possible for me to manage as a career.

Doing fillings, dentures, root canal treatment etc in London NHS Hospitals was a huge strain on my physical health. Therefore I graduated with a BSc Honours in Dental Studies from King’s College London, which was offered as a degree, because I passed the first 3 years with Distinctions, even though I could not finish the original 5-year Dentistry Degree, due to my accident.

With determination and resilience, I continued to progress in my career, with ambition, drive and full dedication.

My next step was that I trained and worked in London NHS Hospitals as a Pharmacy Technician, because Science and Maths was my ‘comfort zone’.

However, it was through becoming a Private Tutor and working for 9 months as a Maths and English Tutor in a Tuition Centre for 4-14 year olds, that I discovered and developed my true calling and passion - teaching. I therefore went on to complete my PGCE (Post-Graduate Certificate in Education) at the Number 1 University in the world for Education: UCL Institute of Education and gained my QTS (Qualified Teacher Status).

Another advantage, is that I stopped teaching in schools and became a dedicated, full-time tutor in March 2019, as my career specialism and area of expertise.

With a personality that is warm, friendly, adventurous and animated, I’m able to engage my students in a way that lessons are not only focused on academic progress but also interactive, exciting and enjoyable. When we enjoy ourselves we learn better, we remember what we learn and we can apply our learning dynamically, with confidence.

I completed a Life Coaching course at University of Cambridge and have been a Life Coach for 8 years within local community projects for ladies. Using these skills, I coach my students to grow a motivational mindset and actively apply it, to their academic work and daily life. Therefore I am a Holistic Educator - teaching Self Development and Academic Subjects, to empower my students to thrive as positive, unique individuals. I teach my students tips, tools and techniques for:

- time management, goal-setting
- anger/stress management and controlling emotions
- confidence
- developing a positive growth mindset
- prioritising, problem-solving and productivity tips to avoid procrastination
- questioning and communication skills

I also like to get to know my students - their hobbies, interests, favourite books, films etc because I place the development of a tutor-student relationship mutual trust and respect, first and foremost. Therefore I ensure I am up-to-date on any of their significant life events, as well as in-tune with any important thoughts/feelings on their mind, as this all effects learning. I believe this is a more, authentic, friendly and successful approach to education.

I base my tutoring on several pedagogical approaches (‘pedagogy’ is the science and art of teaching’), including a principle emphasised by the famous Professor of Education in Melbourne, Australia: John Hattie, whose research I studied on my PGCE.

He found through numerous case studies, that:

“The most powerful single modification that enhances achievement is FEEDBACK.”

This is why I tutor full-time now, because without tutoring children in a classroom will not get that exclusive, one-to-one attention and feedback they need.

Please view my profile for more information and testimonials from my students and parents - their words mean the most, in testifying to my expertise, experience and personality as a tutor!

I invite you to book a trial lesson (online or in person) and if you have any further questions for me, please do not hesitate to ask.

Kind Regards

Availability: Monday to Sunday, 9.00am to 8.00pm

As my experience would not all fit in the `Experience Section` I have included further details of the number of students I have tutored privately, and in which subjects, below, as well as resources I have and schools I have helped students prepare for, if they are doing their common entrance Eleven Plus or Thirteen Plus exams.

I have all my resources from four years as a Teacher in schools and over 100 Eleven Plus and Thirteen Plus past papers, from schools such as:

- St Edwards Oxford, Kent College, Alleyns
- James Allen’s Girls School, Whitgift, Trinity Boys
- Dulwich College, Royal Russel, St Dunstan’s
- Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’,
- Merchant Taylors’, City of London for Girls
- St Paul’s Girls, The John Lyon, Sevenoaks
- Latymer Upper, King’s College, Hampton Court
- Eltham College, Aldenham, St Alban’s,
- Forest, Bancroft’s

And many more.

Additionally, I have used papers from exam boards such as GL Assessment, CEM and ISEB (Galore Park and Pre-test).

I can contact also contact schools you are applying for, if I do not have those specific past papers.

Top London Grammar or Independent Schools I have prepared students for, are:

;;;1) Henrietta Barnett School for Girls
2) Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School for Boys
3) Latymer Upper and Godolphin Latymer
4) Bexley Grammar School and Chislehurst and Sidcup Grammar School
5) Newstead Wood School for Girls
6) Kew House
7) Francis Holland School
8) Queens college
9) Merchant Taylors
10) Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’
11) St Albans Boys
12) North London Collegiate
13) Dame Alice Owen
14) Royal Russel
15) Woldingham

My full list of current and past students tutored

Eleven Plus Students
9 Year 5 boys
6 Year 5 girls
2 Year 6 boys
Year 6 girl
Year 4
3 Year 4 girls

General English and Maths Tutoring
Year 3 girl - English and Maths
3 Year 3 boys - English
4 Year 3 girls - English
Year 5 boy - English and Maths
Year 5 girl - English and Maths
2 Year 6 boys - English and Maths
Year 6 girl - English
2 Year 6 boys – Maths
Year 7 Boy - English
Year 8 boy - English

Year 6 boys and girls - SATS exams - teaching multiple groups of 6 children for several months as a specialist Teacher/Tutor, at Northview, St Luke’s and Grange Park Primary Schools

Thirteen Plus Entrance Exams
Year 7 Boy - English, 13+ for Haberdashers` Aske`s Boys` School
Year 8 Girl - English, 13+ for Woldingham and Royal Russel
Year 9 Boy - Science 13+, Stowe Boarding School

GCSE English Language
Year 9 Boy - AQA
Year 11 Boy - AQA

Biology, Chemistry and Physics Tutoring
Year 8 girl
Year 8 boy
Year 9 boy
3 Year 9 girls
11 Year 10/11 GCSE students

Career Coaching

Personal Statement for University Application
Year 13 girl - Personal Statement for History

Job Application and Interview Coaching
I had a career-coached a client who was a young lady working in Human Resources (Age: mid 20s)
* Assisted with Cover Letter, CV, Interview Coaching and Preparation and feedback discussion to improve.
* Taught and shared resources on mindfulness I learnt this was a particularly empowering subject for her in reaching her potential and making progress in her life.
* Coaching via telephone, What’s App and email, to prepare her for interviews with: Walt Disney, Amazon and UCLH NHS Hospital. She successfully attained the job at UCLH.

Willing to travel: Home Only

I include below, some testimonials of the achievements and kind appreciation for my work with clients and students I have tutored. The testimonials are written by clients and students themselves; others by parents/guardians.

Kalpa, Mother of Yash (Year 5, 11+ student, 9 year old boy)

Sonal prepared my son Yash for his 11+ English Exams at various private schools: Habs (Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’), Merchant Taylors and St Albans Boys.

Sonal is a very warm person and my son took an instant liking to her. She would not only teach the subject in hand but also bring in relevant aspects of the broader Key Stage 2 syllabus to consolidate the learning. My son always came away learning new facts or idioms, analogies, similes. He enjoyed these aspects of the lessons the most.

I would not hesitate to recommend Sonal and she has been an asset in my son being offered a place at all three schools mentioned above.

Ivana, Mother of George (Year 6, 11+ student, 10-year-old boy)

When I met with Sonal, I was left in a bit of situation as our current tutor decided to do a 1-month trip just before the 11+ tests. Sonal accommodated all my requirements in terms of time slots and coming over to our house, as my husband and I are full-time employed in the City.

Sonal assessed my son`s progress very thoroughly and suggested a plan of action. Communication was great and very consistent, as she was giving us feedback regarding what George worked on during each tutoring session. I must admit George improved significantly and we wished to keep on working with her. Sonal was interested about his hobbies and adapted the materials, so the materials were involving and he did not get bored.

Sonal is very patient and went along with the mood of George. She immediately built rapport with him so he felt like he was having an informal chat with a friend rather than with a tutor. I can tell that Sonal is very passionate about teaching, loves her students and changing lives.

George (Son of Ivana), Year 6, 11+ student, 10-year-old boy

When Sonal was my Tutor, I liked it when we were learning about a topic I’ve never done because she explained it really well and I got on with it straight away. My last lesson with Sonal was my favourite lesson because it was a football-themed lesson and I really enjoyed it. Following on from tuition with Sonal when I was in Year 6, I’ve noticed that now I am in Year 8, I’ve improved so much in English. In three words, I would describe Sonal’s lessons as: challenging, fun and well-explained!

Elmira, Mother of Giunel (Year 5, 11+ student, 9-year-old girl)

Sonal is everything you would want from a tutor - incredibly intelligent and patient.

She is an amazing tutor because she finds the balance between helping a student work things out and also letting them find the answer on their own, to make sure they get as much out of the session as possible. She explains the lessons very well and asks questions from time to time to make sure that my daughter understands the lesson properly.

Sonal explains everything very clearly, step by step, making sure a student can do every part.

I am very pleased with the progress my daughter is making in maths. Sonal provides very good feedback to me as a parent, after each session.

Sonal helped my daughter gain more confidence with her maths. This was noticed in her end of year review by her teachers.

Definitely would recommend her as a Tutor!! Thank you very much Sonal!!

Giunel (Daughter of Elmira), Year 5, 11+ student, 9-year-old girl

With Sonal’s help, I my teacher’s noticed a great improvement in my Maths at School and I was selected for the highest set in English. I like the way that Sonal always shows videos about the lessons, so I can understand it more. If I don’t understand the lesson, she is always patient and tries to explain it in a way that I will understand. She is very kind and she calls me her “best student”! My favourite lesson with Sonal was the first lesson because she taught me how to do joined up handwriting and she taught me how to use better vocabulary. She also taught me an easier and quicker way of doing my times tables.

In three words, I would describe Sonal’s lessons as: very interesting, fun and effective. Sonal is my favourite tutor!

DBS (CRB) Check: Yes

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