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General Teaching Council (GTC)
Induction Year
Pass  (2010)
Middlesex University
Pass  (2009)
General Teaching Council (GTC)
Qualified Teacher Status
Pass  (2009)
Imperial College London
2:2  (2007)

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I love to teach. I gained BSc Physics from Imperial College London and PGCE Mathematics from Middlesex University. While studying my degree I taught at KS1 and KS2 level at a Saturday School and also gave tuition, all of which helped me understand that teaching as a career was right for me.
I understood that I have the right qualities to be a teacher such as patience, strong communication skills, ability to explain in a way students can relate to, creativity, perseverance, diligence, and most importantly an interest to work with youth.
I believe my passion to teach and see my students make progress is a motivating factor for them. This is because energy, which cannot be created or destroyed, can flow and change from one form into another. In addition to preparing students for exams, I help students realise their potential and see practical applications of the topics being studied.

Availability: Weekdays: 1pm-5pm
Weekends: 8am-6pm
(UK time)

Willing to travel: Home Only

Experience: I have 11 years experience as a tutor teaching from KS1 up to A-Level standard. After completing my PGCE and gaining Qualified Teacher Status, I received the Certificate of Induction after successfully completing my first year teaching at a secondary school with 6th form. During my four years working full time at this school I taught Maths for the first two years and Physics for the following two years.

I taught Maths from KS3 up to GCSE standard and Physics from KS3 up to A-level standard. I then worked for one year voluntarily at a school in India where I taught Physics and Maths among other subjects.

Even though I am currently in India I can give online tuition via Skype.
I have a pen pad which makes it easier to write or draw in programs like Paint or online whiteboards. If my students are willing they could also use a pen pad which would make lessons more interactive as they could write and draw without difficulty. This could improve the experience during online classes but is not a requirement.

If you inform me which examination board you are studying, I can download the relevant Specification as well as past papers from the website. Using these and other resources I will make sure that we cover and practice all the relevant topics

Through this website I have completed teaching:
1343 Physics, Maths and Further Maths A-Level lessons,
1829 GCSE Physics, GCSE Maths, IGCSE Physics and IGCSE Maths lessons
as well as 703 KS3 and Primary Maths lessons

online and look forward to teaching more.


1. Please describe your online teaching experience.

While teaching online for the last 4 years my students have made significant improvement, especially in A-level and GCSE Physics and Maths. Having taught up to A-level standard at Sixth Form, I know that the pace the various topics need to be covered is high, meaning students can struggle to keep up and fully understand the work. Through online tuition I provide extra support for students who need it each week. During lessons we go through topics in detail, following the objectives set out in the syllabus provided by the examining board. Real life examples are used as well as teaching methods which take advantage of the technology that online tuition has to offer. As a teacher, I develop an understanding of how my students learn best and according to that bring the best out of them.

2. What are the benefits of online tuition?

The main benefit of online tuition is that it is a fun and engaging way for students to learn. One of the fundamental principles of learning is that it is not just a behaviourial or cognitive process, but a constructive and social process as well. During the online lessons students are able to discuss what they are learning in an informal way which naturally increases the amount of information they retain. Through individualised and continuous formative assessment I am able to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of my students as well as their preferred learning styles and help them become better learners.

I provide scaffolding during the lessons to help my students through the zone of proximal development as they construct new knowledge and ideas. This is followed by constant reinforcement which helps cement what is being learned in the students` minds. My students are encouraged to be creative and make use of their imagination as well as different auditory, visual and kinaesthetic techniques that help them fully comprehend what is being studied. While practicing questions, my students develop their problem solving, analytical and numerical skills as well as their exam technique.

3. Any additional comments.

A further advantage of online tuition is that distance or travelling is not a factor. If the student has an Internet connection they can benefit from a unique learning experience in the comfort of their own home. In my own experience, while being in India I have taught over 2500 online lessons to students from all over the world and look forward to teaching more.

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Feedback For Nathan (49)

We have a total of 52 review(s) for Nathan.

Perpetua (Mrs)

5/5 Rating

Nathan is a great teacher. He is very committed and is very clear and motivational in his approach. He takes you at a pace which may be beyond school, if appropriate, and therefore provides the appropriate level of challenge. Yet he has the patience to re-visit or slow down in other areas when needed. Glad to have him guide me as a teacher for AS physics.

Sarah (Mrs)

5/5 Rating

Nathan has been working with my son for nearly a term and a half on A level physics. My son had had a terrible result in a mock at the beginning of term, so we sought a tutor. I have used Tutor Hunt before so know it is reliable. Nathan has helped my son hugely, he is now getting A grades in tests!! Nathan has a calm manner and explains clearly. Thank you for all your help

Saji (Miss)

5/5 Rating

Nathan is an excellent tutor and my daughter has elevated her GCSE maths to a new level.

Natasha (Miss)

5/5 Rating

Nathan is an amazing teacher to have, each of his sessions are enjoyable and focused. He encourages his students to think for themselves and will work through problems in a way that is understandable and easy to remember. I highly recommend anyone to have such a dedicated teacher, as you will most definitely see results!

Danila (Mr)

5/5 Rating

Very professional and punctual tutor. I enjoyed my lessons with Nathan, because he makes Physics easy and interesting. Strongly recommend to other students

Govind (Mr)

5/5 Rating

Nathan is a very friendly and highly supportive teacher and able to work with the students to share the knowledge and gain confidence in the subject. I will recommend Nathan with full confidence. My son gained lot of confidence in Physics subject.

Rushmi (Mrs)

5/5 Rating

My son has been taking Physics lessons from Mr Nathan.He has been excellent and my son really enjoys his lessons with him.Thank you Nathan.

Grant (Mr)

5/5 Rating

Excellent tutor - very knowledgeable about the subject and great with my son.

Joanna (Ms)

5/5 Rating

Nathan was a great tutor for our daughter who was doing A`level maths. The online modality worked really well and it really improved her confidence.

Sarah (Mrs)

5/5 Rating

We are really delighted with the sessions my son has been having with Mr Nathan. He is extremely patient with my son Benjie and he looks forward to his sessions every week. I can Highly recommend this amazing tutor. The use of the interactive whiteboard is especially good too. OUTSTANDING tutor! thanks so very much. We are extremely lucky to have found him.

Amy (Miss)

5/5 Rating

Nathan is a great tutor, he can explain things very well using different explanations. He is patient as he can explain thing many time if I was confused and he uses simple ways to help me to understand physics.

Ummehani (Mrs)

5/5 Rating

Very calm & knowledgable teacher.

Sarah (Miss)

5/5 Rating

Excellent knowledge. He is helping my children with GCSE work and they are finding the lessons very helpful.

Adrian (Mr)

5/5 Rating

Excellent tutor who can impart his knowledge in a way the student can relate to. We are extremely pleased with Nathan.

Krissh (Mr)

5/5 Rating

Great teaching

Omar (Mrs)

5/5 Rating

Very helpful, knowledgeable and informative teacher. Has helped me in improving my grade in Physics. Very flexible and helps on any topic that I require help with. Would highly recommend.

William (Mr)

5/5 Rating

Understands topics well, and explains information in an easily-digestible way.

Thamin (Mr)

5/5 Rating

Great teacher, giving good examples and making maths look easier

Raheeb (Mr)

5/5 Rating

Nathan`s tutor methods are very effective and have improved my knowledge and understanding and I am now getting better grades in college. He helped me understand how to answer exam questions goes through them with me step by step.

Jay (Mr)

2/5 Rating

incredibly loud background. children could not follow what was being taught

Angshu (Miss)

5/5 Rating

An excellent tutor who personalises the learning to the student`s requirements.

Paul ()

5/5 Rating

Nathan has been helping my daughter with A level maths. He is a very organised and committed tutor. She has gained lots of confidence with Nathan`s support.

Jack (Mr)

5/5 Rating

Over 2 months, Nathan tutored me for my AS level physics between my February mocks and my final AS exams in May, and choosing Nathan was by far the best decision I have made this year, and with all of his help and dedication, he helped me boost my grade from a low E in February, to a fantastic grade B in May - a huge improvement!
Nathan’s method of teaching is spot on, and his student involvement in asking and answering questions is a perfect way for anyone to learn physics online.
A huge thank you to you Nathan, I’ll be sure to contact you if I ever need any more help this year! :-)

Susana (Mrs)

5/5 Rating

Nathan tutors my son in maths and physics. He`s a patient tutor who knows the subjects well and explains each topic clearly and in detail and relates them to everyday things that my son can relate to in order to help him understand the topic better. He`s friendly and reliable.

{d} (Mr)

5/5 Rating

Nathan is always prepared for the upcoming lesson. And my Daughter is benefiting from the tutoring.

Radhika (Mrs)

5/5 Rating

Very understanding, helpful and thorough.

Jack (Mr)

5/5 Rating

Nathan is an outstanding tutor, I already feel so much more confident with my AS level physics which I am more sitting in just 4 weeks.

Always look forward to more lessons.

Richard (Mr)

5/5 Rating

Nathan is a wonderful tutor. He explains very well, is patient and knows how to get the best of a student. I recommend him highly.

Purnima (Mrs)

5/5 Rating

My daughter has started enjoying GCSE Physics after she started with Nathan. He explains very well and adapts to student`s needs. I highly recommend him.

Dnyanesh ()

5/5 Rating

Mr Nathan is an excellent teacher who explains the subject very well and works as per the pace of my son. He is punctual, and gives regular feedback about the progress. Very happy with his teaching.

Sanjay (Mr)

5/5 Rating

having a good positive influence on my daughter`s prep for GCSEs

Krishna (Mr)

5/5 Rating

Nathan is good online tutor, he is easy to understand and very fun the way of teaching his lesson. I would recommend u to book a lesson with Nathan.

Ian (Mr)

5/5 Rating

The online service has been far more successful than originally thought and we shall continue to take lessons in the new year.

Zarenah (Mrs)

5/5 Rating

Mr. Nathan has had a very positive impact on our daughter`s GCSE Physics and Maths lessons. She enjoys the online lesson with him and has improved during the course of the two months since Mr. Nathan taught her. He provides regular feedback and suggestions for further improvements. Mr. Nathan is a dedicated and reliable tutor whom we will continue to engage.

{d} (Mr)

3/5 Rating

The area he is teaching from is loud, and we weren`t always able to understand each other well. As well as this, I`m not sure that physics was his strongest area, as there were a few issues with the material.
However, Nathan always provided homework and checked it before the following lesson, which was helpful for lessons and kept motivation high between them.
He was also ready with a plan to work through the subjects, and clearly had a lot of dedication to teaching.

Lucy (Miss)

5/5 Rating

My daughter is really enjoying her lessons with Nathan. He makes maths enjoyable and easy to understand. Thank you Nathan!

kamala (Mrs)

5/5 Rating

Very patient and very knowledgeable.
Knows multiple ways to tackle the problem and makes it simple for my daughter to understand
Excellent tutor who is able to help enormously in preparation for GCSE `s

Sandhya (Mrs)

5/5 Rating

Nathan is a very good tutor. He understands my needs in maths, and explains the topics clearly and in detail. He makes my brain work, by giving questions ranging from simple to difficult. Overall, I enjoy the sessions, and always look forward to the next one.

From Student

Banu (Mrs)

5/5 Rating

He is a very good teacher and passionate about what he does.
he is very clear and able to understand pupils need to succeed.
Although is outside UK, he is very knowledgeable with UK education requirements and how to help pupils to achieve.

Vin (Mr)

4/5 Rating


Vanessa (Miss)

5/5 Rating

Very good tutor, helped me to do well in my A-Levels and focuses on topics you struggle on and helps you to get to a good level on understanding by challenging you.

Luis (Mr)

5/5 Rating

Great teacher! Very patient and easy to reach out for, he explains everything very well too, getting a good grade is extremely easy if you have him as a tutor!

Sabrina (Mrs)

5/5 Rating

very good!!!!

Helene (Mrs)

5/5 Rating

Nathan is a very competent tutor. He takes time to build a relationship with my son, understands what he likes and adapts his method of teaching to make the lessons challenging but interesting. He encourages my son to think by himself and break down instructions in every exercise to find the right methodology and answer correctly. My son has built huge confidence since he`s started tutoring with Nathan.

Olivia (Miss)

5/5 Rating

great teacher, has worked for me. is prompt for lessons and is very clear

Joanne (Mrs)

5/5 Rating

Nathan is an excellent teacher. He is extremely conscientious and reliable. Our daughter has made huge progress since starting with him, and is now finding previously difficult concepts much easier. her self confidence in maths is improving all the time. No hesitation in recommending.

polly (Mrs)

5/5 Rating

Very thorough and attentive, and well prepared for each lesson, an excellent tutor

Isaac (Mr)

5/5 Rating

Nathan is very good for tutoring at A level. He explains things clearly and in a way that it easy to understand. He also helps with exam technique and teaching how to identify what is needed in a question.

Bakhita (Ms)

5/5 Rating

Great teacher who is very kind, encouraging and knowledgeable about physics

Syed (Mr)

5/5 Rating

Mr Nathan has a good understanding of the subjects that he teaches, is an enthusiastic and dedicated teacher and also provides constructive and detailed feedback to my son and me. He shows a keen interest in what he teaches and gives various pieces of homework (on our request), to improve understanding on the topics he teaches about. We would strongly recommend him.

Prachi (Mrs)

4/5 Rating

Nathan has been tutoring my son in Maths since September. He is always punctual makes sure my son has practice questions every week and diligently marks them. Keeps me updated on my son`s progress. My son is always happy to learn from him. All in all a good tutor.

sam (Mr)

5/5 Rating

Nathan’s way of teaching is excellent with clear plans for the following lesson. His pace of teaching is great which helps to cover a lot of work quickly and understanding the topics thoroughly as well. Very pleased with his sessions over the past month and I think regular sessions are really going to help to keep up with the momentum. He is also very flexible with the time difference. Highly recommend Nathan for other students.

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