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Here you can browse 8 German Tutors located in Penkridge, we have ordered our results by proximity to Penkridge town centre. To view any tutor profile, you can click on the 'profile' link. To make contact with any of Tutor Hunt members you must register an account with us. If you wish to refine this search further, please use the search box above.

PGCE PGCE (Secondary) MFL
£31.25 - £43.75
/ hr
9 years experience of teaching KS3, GCSE and A Level French and German PGCE and Qualified Teacher Status 6 years experience marking GCSE French and German for 4 differ...
Cannock, Staffordshire (8.8 miles from centre)
10 miles
Member for
60 days
BSc Psychology and Sociology
/ hr
My previous work experience includes working in account management and dealing with German customers in corporate settings. This has given me a greater insight into al...
Walsall, West Midlands (12.4 miles from centre)
30 miles
Member for
7 months
5 (9 students)
PGCE Further, Adult & Higher Education
/ hr
Also his casual, relaxed and cheerful manner communicates with a teenager extremely well. We are more than pleased with his work and impact so far and are happy to rec...
Stafford, Staffordshire (3.8 miles from centre)
15 miles
< 5 hours
Member for
8 years
5 (1 students)
PGCE PGCE (Secondary)
/ hr
I have 20 years` experience of teaching French and German in secondary schools and primary schools as well as teaching adults in commercial settings. As a former Head...
Walsall, Staffordshire (8.2 miles from centre)
Hours Taught
8 miles
< 36 minutes
Member for
18 months
5 (3 students)
A Level German
£19 - £37.5
/ hr
1 tutors in the past. I enjoy tutoring. I believe each student has his/her own learning style. Therefore for a student to meet their full potential, a successful tutor...
Wolverhampton, none (11.2 miles from centre)
Hours Taught
Home only
< 10 minutes
Member for
3 years
5 (2 students)
QTS PGCE secondary - MFL
£35 - £40
/ hr
3. 00 10- 15 miles = £ 5. 00 16- 20 miles = £ 7. 00 21- 25 miles = £ 9. 00. Please contact me to find out about how you can benefit from a range of...
Wolverhampton, West Midlands (10.5 miles from centre)
5 miles
< 9 hours
Member for
4 years
BA P?dagogik der Kindheit
£16 - £25
/ hr
order to help them integrate better in society. I am able to look after young people using a better education platform for them to expand their skills and achieve thei...
Wolverhampton, West Midlands (9.8 miles from centre)
20 miles
Member for
11 months
/ hr
Preparation is the key to success - if you are unsatisfied I will take a pay cut and improve (although I have enough experience to not let that happen). Looking forwar...
Stafford, Staffordshire (6.1 miles from centre)
Repeat Students
10 miles
< 4 hours
Member for
6 years

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