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Writing In The Past Tense

A year 1 piece of work focusing on writing in the past tense. Children must apply their phonics and reading skills to identify the words that are in the incorrect tense and correct the paragraph. It can be easilty adapted for all abilities, where reading support can be offered or children continue the story, writing in the past tense independently.

Date : 13/10/2020

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Uploaded by : Rebecca
Uploaded on : 13/10/2020
Subject : English

Can you spot the errors in this piece of writing?

It is meant to be in the past tense but the writer has made some mistakes. There are 7 mistakes to find.

The children look out of the window. What on earth was that?! An unusual flying object was in the sky just above them. They jump up and ran towards the door, hoping to get a better view of the strange object. As they look up they realise it was glowing brightly like a star, but was moving across the sky as fast as a rocket. Was it a flying saucer? They listen carefully, they thought they could hear voices coming from the sky. The whole thing was very mysterious! Tom walk down the path, closer and closer to the thing. He was sure that it was a space ship! He glance up again, just in time to see a small green head poking out of one of the windows. An alien! he thought to himself.

What do you think happens next?

Write an adventure for Tom and the aliens, making sure that you are writing in the past tense. Remember, most verbs need ed on the end!

This resource was uploaded by: Rebecca