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When Does Your Child Need A Tutor?

A few pointers on why your child might need the assistance of a tutor.

Date : 28/03/2019


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Uploaded by : Jan
Uploaded on : 28/03/2019
Subject : Maths

When does your child need a tutor?

Accessing private tuition and selecting the right tutor for your child`s needs are easier today with the latest technology than just a few years ago. The following points are sure signs that your child might need a tutor.

A. Falling behind in the classroom.

I found that this is one of the main reasons why parents and students seek help from tutors. It might not always be possible for teachers to give each child their full attention in the classroom. Students might not understand the principles and methods properly while in the classroom, and it can even become more difficult to understand it after the rest of the class has moved on. It is vital therefore that your child understands the basic principles of the subject matter before they fall too far behind. A good tutor can identify how much your child is behind the rest of the class and where they should be at that point in the subject matter. A good tutor will repeat the work that forms a basis of the knowledge, help your child to understand the work in the textbooks, encourage your child to try effective revision methods.

B. Unlocking potential and improving performance

Good tutors will inspire real academic promise in your child, even if their performance at the moment is not impressive at school. A good tutor will encourage your child to set an improved grade as a target to aspire towards. Achievable targets should help your child to manage and master the skills of a topic and not only to improving their grades. A good tutor will help your child to catch up and boost their confidence.

C. Slow progress

A personal tutor focuses attention on a single child & and allow them to set the pace. If your child is doing well and feels they need more explanations or practice in order to work through schoolwork more efficiently, a tutor could be the answer.

D. Parental guidance and responsibility

Although it is your responsibility as parent to ensure that routine homework and assignments are completed, a good tutor can assist you in sharing this responsibility when it comes to schoolwork. A tutor can assist you if you feel you cannot dedicate the time your child needs out of school hours, allowing you to focus on your other priorities.

E. Bolstering confidence

The fear of failure can really feel insurmountable to some children. A tutor can assist in bolstering your child`s confidence and self-belief. Hiring a private tutor should not be only to prepare your child for the examinations, but also to give them the best chance to gain confidence in mastering the subject.

F. Preparing for exams

A good tutor will provide the extra encouragement and build confidence in your child to need to pass an upcoming exam. & Parents believe that getting their child into the right prep school is a pivotal moment in their education. The most likely stages in which your child might require a tutor for this is at GCSE-age, or ahead of the &11-plus and the &13-plus.

G. Thriving environment

Some children simply thrive in a one-on-one environment, and find it much easier to concentrate and build an understanding of a subject than they to amid the disruptions and distractions of a class atmosphere. & Most children may simply thrive from having a little of an adult s time.

H. Not enough challenges

Sometimes, a lack of enthusiasm can be a sign that your child is not being challenged enough in the classroom. They may simply be bored with the slow progress in the classroom, and that is where the tutor can play a very important role. Tutoring is good for children who are performing above average and not just for children who need academic help. If schoolroom lessons are not &challenging enough for your child, it might mean that they are in need of an extra challenge and might enjoy the opportunity to learn more.

I. Subject matter fun

If your child needs to rediscover the joy of the subject matter, then a tutor-approach should provide them what they need. There will be less pressure on them if they take the time to immerse themselves in the subject topics with a tutor.

J. Building a rapport

If your child struggles to &get on with one or more teachers at school, their studies are likely to suffer. A tutor can be the solution to ensure that your child continues to feel good about what they get help with, feel good about what they achieve and feel good about keeping track of their progress.

Lastly ...

Tutors are not magicians that can impart knowledge with a stroke of a wand in your child, but they can achieve miracles, together with you and your child`s cooperation.

This resource was uploaded by: Jan

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