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Al Capone In Numbers

A clear and detailed account of Al Capone`s mafia empire in concise figures, to be memorised for GCSE History exams.

Date : 03/01/2019


Author Information

Uploaded by : Bella
Uploaded on : 03/01/2019
Subject : History

I will give the student many different auditory, visual and kinetic methods of memorising the facts below. I know there are lots of numbers and it can get confusing. Don`t be dazzled by them - I`ll give you the tools to remember them and use them effectively to earn your target grade. I will also explain the wider significance of these facts, and how they can illustrate the importance of this mafia mogul.

Where he made his money:

$60 million - beer and liqour

$25 million - gambling

$10 million - protection rackets

$10 million - dance halls and prostitution


1899 - Born in New York

1919 - Moved to Chicago

1920 - Became the head of a gang and began to gain control of Chicago

1929 - Valentines day massacre - Moran gang (7 dead)

1930 - appears in TIME magazine

1931 - jailed for tax evasion, sent to Alcatraz Prison.

1939 - released from jail

1947 - died in obscurity

This resource was uploaded by: Bella

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