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Would it be too much work for a 13 years old to receive English & Maths at GCSE`s Key stage 3 Year 8 Tuition?

He has started with English on Saturdays.
Or would Maths every fortnight be more realistic!
We are not pushy parents!!
Although, we would like him to achieve his full potential!

Many thanks

11 months ago

Maths Question asked by Virginie

That`s fine. Start them early
27/04/2016 21:47:00 | comment by Sukhdev
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No, I don`t think that`s too much at all! Once a week is definitely fine.
27/04/2016 22:43:23 | comment by Ramsha
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Thank you very much all for the valuable & informative feedback! Very much appreciated!!
28/04/2016 19:15:18 | comment by Virginie
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I am certain he will thank you one day for allowing him to get tutoring in both, every week. No harm in challenging him.
15/08/2016 23:28:44 | comment by Jan
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8 Answers

Accepted Answer

I do not think it`s much work so long as your ward is interested and willing. The only challenge with that age is when it goes against other itenery of thiers that is of interest!
Answered by Stephen | 11 months ago
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I don`t think it would be too much - Its important your child gets into good habits to the lead up to their GCSEs.

What`s important is that your child should feel comfortable and confident with the School work that is being set. Tuition would support that along with challenging them so that their potential is being met.
Answered by Joseph | 11 months ago
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As maths and english are the core curriculum areas they are generally allocated more hours in the school curriculum. However, I would say an hour of each a week is not excessive as we (as teachers) generally recommend round an hour revising topics learnt in lessons each week to aid with recall.
Hope this helps.
Answered by Alexandra | 11 months ago
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In my experience, several schools teach GCSE level maths to their younger students. I would recommend that the lessons not follow the GCSE curriculum too closely, but rather nurture an understanding and enjoyment of maths.
Answered by Mycchaka | 4 months ago
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Hello, I often recomend students begin preparing for KS3 exams towards the end of year 8. If your aiming for A or A* marks it is important that in year 10 the student is tracked accordingly. Once a student is put into a second or even third tier Maths or English class, it will be nearly impossible for them to achieve the higher marks. Additionally, if your child is struggling at the moment then extra tuition now could help build a solid foundation. A good tutor should be able to assess his strenghts and weaknesses, then prepare an ongoing plan accordingly.
Answered by Candace | 11 months ago
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Weekly sounds about right to me! Every two weeks means that they are more likely to forget what was discussed in the previous session.
Answered by Lavinia | 11 months ago
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There`s no single answer to this as it really depends on the student. An extra hour of English and maths a week can be very useful and isn`t too much extra to take on. It is important that it doesn`t interfere with any other subject`s homework, as your son`s potential could be realised in something completely different.
As for the content, GCSE maths is not much of a step up from key stage three, but I would be in favour of a "depth over breadth" approach. This would ensure deeper understanding of KS3 concepts which lays the foundation for a solid GCSE.
Answered by Nicholas | 11 months ago
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That`s should be ok. If he/she wants to be Engineer or something related to science then he/she should take maths.


Answered by Adil | 6 months ago
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